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Dark Green Ford Mustang GT

Our Dark Green Ford Mustang GT is the quintessential American classic car, offering seating for up to three passengers in its iconic hardtop design. With its powerful presence and unmistakable silhouette, it embodies the spirit of freedom and adventure with an unmistakable cool Americana flair. Featured in acclaimed series like The Crown Series 4 and It’s a Sin, it has left an indelible mark on popular culture, becoming a symbol of rebellion and style. Produced in 1965, it represents a golden era of automotive design and engineering, captivating enthusiasts with its timeless appeal. With its sleek lines and roaring V8 engine, the Ford Mustang GT commands attention on the road, delivering a thrilling driving experience that transcends generations.

  • 3 passengers 
  • Hard Top 
  • American Classic 
  • Ft in The Crown Series 4 and it’s a sin
  • 1965

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