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Ford Galaxie

The Ford Galaxie, a quintessential classic American muscle car, offers seating for up to five passengers in its spacious interior. With its powerful 6-liter engine under the hood, it delivers thrilling performance and a rumbling exhaust note that echoes the golden era of muscle cars. As a convertible, it embodies the spirit of freedom and adventure, inviting occupants to feel the wind in their hair as they cruise down the open road. Produced in 1966, it represents an era of automotive design characterised by bold lines and unmistakable style. With its classic American muscle car heritage, the Ford Galaxie commands attention (and space!) wherever it goes, serving as a symbol of power, performance, and timeless appeal.

  • 5 passengers 
  • 6 litre 
  • Classic American Muscle car 
  • Convertible 
  • 1966

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