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Blue / Sliver Ford Capri Injection

Our Ford Capri Injection stands as a timeless symbol of British motoring heritage, offering seating for up to three passengers in its sleek hardtop design. Powered by a spirited 2.8i engine, it delivers a thrilling driving experience that captures the essence of classic performance. Featured in popular TV series like The Crown, it has cemented its place in pop culture as an icon of automotive nostalgia. Produced in 1986, it represents the epitome of 1980s style and flair, combining vintage charm with modern performance. With its distinctive blue and silver exterior, the Ford Capri Injection turns heads wherever it goes, embodying the spirit of freedom and adventure on the open road.

  • 3 passengers
  • Hard Top
  • British Classic 
  • 2.8i 
  • Ft in The Crown
  • 1986

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