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Mercedes CLK

The Mercedes CLK, a symbol of luxury and style, embodies open-top driving pleasure with its sleek convertible design. Offering seating for up to three passengers, it combines elegance with practicality, making every journey a memorable experience. Powered by a refined 3-liter V8 engine, it effortlessly delivers performance and sophistication in equal measure. Featured on ITV’s Coronation Street, it has garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying its status as an icon of automotive excellence. Renowned as an ideal prom car, the Mercedes CLK exudes sophistication and glamour, making every entrance a statement. Produced in 2007, it represents modern luxury and continues to captivate passengers with its timeless appeal

  • Convertible 
  • 3 Passengers 
  • 3 Litre V8 
  • Ft on ITV/Coronation Street 
  • Ideal Prom car 
  • 2007

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